Belarus is known as the last dictatorship of Europe thanks to the autocratic regime of Aleksandr Lukashenko. The current education system still has many soviet traditions in which historical events are altered and liberal Belarusian writers banned. It is forbidden to teach outside the approved curriculum. Anyone who does, is considered an activist and a potential danger to the nation. 

The Belarusian Humanities Lyceum refuses to teach their children in a controlled, Soviet way and were therefore forced to go underground. They provide democratic education with a modern, and most importantly, Belarusian approach. The Belarusian language, which used to be looked down upon as something for the unskilled peasants, has transformed itself over the years into a language for activists. It’s a language which shows criticism on the regime, but love for their motherland. 

The students find themselves living in two very different worlds, trying to live up to the expectations of both. Why did they choose for this alternative education? Are they the elite of tomorrow? Or did the students just replace one form of propaganda with another? This documentary tells the story of some of the rebels who go against the status quo.

Full Length: 26:44 minutes

- 2016 


07/12/16   Karama 2016 - Amman, Jordan
17/12/16   Nile's Diaspora IFF - Fort Portal, Uganda
05/02/17   IFF of Prayag - New Delhi, India

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