2014 - 2016                 Master of Photography - AKV | St. Joost, Breda     

2010 - 2014                 BA Fotografie - AKV | St. Joost, Breda



2016 - (G)                      Mova Nanova (screening)

                                      IFFP, New Delhi (INDIA)

2016 - (G)                      Mova Nanova (screening)

                                      KARAMA, Amman (JORDAN)

2016 - (G)                      Mova Nanova (screening)

                                      IFF Nile's Diaspora, Fort Portal (UGANDA)

2016 - (G)                      RE: Graduation Show 

                                      Melkweg EXPO, Amsterdam

2016 - (G)                      Next Chapter

                                      Toonbeeld, Terneuzen 

2015 – (G)                     MAPH on Tour

                                       Club Solo, Breda 

2015 – (G)                     EYE on Art: Re-action in F(ilm)

                                       EYE, Amsterdam 

2015 – (G)                      8 SUBJECTS, 64 REFERENCES

                                       Electron - De Kopse Kant, Breda

2014 – (G)                     SHIFT, Graduation Show 

                                       AKV | St. Joost, Breda NL 

2013 – (G)                     Steenbergen Archief, Fotoweek

                                       City Archive, Breda NL

2013 – (G)                     Steenbergen Archief

                                       AKV | St. Joost, Breda NL

2013 – (G)                     De hand hebben in… 

                                       Grote Kerk, Groede NL

2012 – (G)                     Point de Vue, 200 jaar Kunstacademie Den Bosch 

                                       Stedelijk Museum, ’s Hertogenbosch NL



2014                              Avans Thesis Price - Encouragement Prize



2016                             The Story Junction (Interview)

2015                             ART Habens - Special Edition

2015                             Het wordt nooit meer stil, nooit meer donker 

2014                             SHIFT – Graduation Catalogue

2014                             MEST Mag, Alle afstudeerexposities op een rijtje

2011                             VersPers, NS Try Out Festival



As a visual artist I explore how human identity is being influenced by the social frameworks we live in. How much of our personality is determined by our roots and how easy can we adept to new circumstances? Does the country we live in, the generation we’re part of, or the language we speak change us?

My visual language is in a constant flux, since I feel that every subject demands a different way of telling. This opens up a huge variety of possibilities, meaning my work can result into both still and moving images, installations, performances, essays or simply a mix of it all. My passion lies in the constant experimenting with new materials and media. 

Groups are our natural habitat. I record, collect and create patterns which I find within these groups. I wonder… Is there a constant unchangeable core in every human, immune to all external powers? Or is our identity just a plaything to our surroundings? 

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